In spring 2016 students in Graphic Design Senior Project focused their design efforts on sustainability, specifically through the lens of UGA’s local watershed initiative. We familiarized ourselves with key principles of sustainability and looked at those basic issues as they relate to the design discipline, then used the information related to local and campus watersheds as content for identifying and solving problems through design. We learned about about Lilly Branch, the creek that runs next to the School of Art and is a key part of our campus watershed system, and also thought about how we could use design to bring attention to these various local issues.


Ruby decided to design a geocaching experience using using the watershed locations. Athens-Clarke actually integrated her project locations into their existing geocaching components and and provided her all the materials and containers for her exhibition.

The Creek Between the Hedges

Drew designed an animation, envisioned to be shown on the jumbo-tron at football games, that would inform attendees about Tanyard Creek, which runs under Sanford Stadium, and how much plastic waste often ends up in creek on football Saturdays. The video shares information about the various available recycling bins as well as the service that will pick up recyclables form tailgating sites after games.


Leah tackled the local invasion species specific to this area of north Georgia that can negatively affect watersheds. She initially explored various ways to promote this information but ultimately decided to illustrate 52 of the species and screen print them. She created a deck of cards that included accompanying information.

Sustainability Walk App

Josh decided to reconsider what was merely a poorly-done map for a campus sustainability walk and create an app that used GPS to inform the user of all the sustainable aspects of campus from green architecture to hidden creeks running under asphalt.

Chew Crew Calendar

Abby and Julie designed a sustainability calendar that was also an homage to the beloved campus ′chew crew,′ a student-lead effort to restore neglected green spaces on campus using goats. The goats eat invasive plants then seeds of native species can be sown. In their illustrated calendar design, the goats slowly ‘chew’ through the greenery each month, which is filled with local sustainability events, information, as well is seasonally appropriate suggestions for sustainable practices.