Typography I introduces typography as integral element of visual communication design. Students gain an understanding of the importance of skillful typography in effective graphic design and develop a sensitivity to the needs of viewers/readers through an awareness of the extreme subtleties inherent in typography. 

Project topics cover letterform anatomy and terminology, the visual enhancement of language and message, principles of legibility and readability, and visual hierarchy. 

Typographic form + image: letterform spreads

Typographic Hierarchy

Using given content and one type family, students investigate composition and typographic hierarchy following different guidelines for each solution: using only one font + one size, using only one size and multiple weights, and using only one font with various sizes.

Digital Type Specimens

Students design four different screens as a web promo for one type family based on a flexible gird system. 

Micro/Micro: TYpographic Business Cards 

Investigation of typography as both form and information through the design of 12 personal business cards that must work both as an entire composition and individual cards.

Typgraphic for the People

Students worked in small groups to compose the quote "Of all the achievements of the human mind, the birth of the alphabet is the most momentous," by Frederic Goudy, then executed it in chalk outside of the School of Art main building.

Legibility Study:

Name designs executed with pen and ink.

Typographic Specimen Booklet

Typography t-shirts