UNC Design & Publications

When I moved back to North Carolina, I was fortunate to work for a few years in the design office at UNC-Chapel Hill. We were obliged to use plenty of PMS 542 blue, along with a complementary navy (but not too much, because that might connote  the evil rivals just down I-40 in Durham.) The projects always involved interesting content and I was able to work with a variety of units on campus from Creative Writing and the Carolina Environmental Program to the Ackland Art Museum.

During this time the University adopted a new identity system (done by external agency Lipman Hearne) and I became the internal ‘brand police’; I addressed special situations and dealt with issues that had not been considered in the basic standard guidelines provided by the agency.

Campaign Support Publication

Publication that laid out the initial case for support for a then new, multi-year 1.2 billion development campaign, Carolina First.

Various Print Materials

Newsletters and promotion print pieces for various academic, service and research units.

Plum, Pine & Bamboo Exhibition Catalogue

A publication piece to accompany an exhibition of Japanese Sesshu screens at the Ackland Art Museum on campus.