As a designer I don’t always feel that participating in exhibitions is necessarily a good fit for the type of work we do, as the things we make tend to be ephemeral and not necessarily precious as things in galleries tend to be. I ended up designed something specifically for such display recently: after some discussion among the faculty about the controversial handling by the University of the discovery of human remains—likely of enslaved individuals—during a construction project on campus, I decided that the thorough and thoughtful 120+ page report on the topic put together in 2019 by five diligent faculty deserved some design and typographic love.

So for our 2020 School of Art faculty exhibition, All Together Now, I submitting two giant 24 x 100-inch sheets full of typeset report text with emphasis on certain key phrases and terms, Avoiding a spectacle: Report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Baldwin Hall to the Franklin College Faculty Senate. (“Avoiding a spectacle” was a term used multiple times in the report, referring to the University’s aims in dealing particular matters related to the reburial.)