Letterpress broadside credit to my colleague, Eileen Wallace, frizzy hair credit to complete and total inattention, drive-thru mic is for the voice amplifier I now must use in class now since I’m trying to project through a mask.

Well, there ya go, over a year has passed since I last posted, and little has changed. Seems like that time just fell into a black hole.

To sum up last year: mandated to teach hybrid with no technological support. Exhausting.

This year: back to normal with zero health and safety measures: no masks, no social distancing, no vaccines, no testing. Everything’s just fine. By week three one of my students had to withdraw entirely from her courses due to covid. Everyone is juggling students who are sick, quarantining, exposed, etc. We are *mandated* to provide them course content (again with no support)but regardless of our concern, that’s not so easy in a studio course. Those above assume all courses at giant history lectures and that instructor can simply record and post the class online, voila.

But even in spite of all that, it is nice to be back in the classroom.

I’m teaching two sections of the same class for the first time ever (how’d that happen?) and I already can’t recall which group I’ve told what. But we’ve been having fun in the studio, including these cut-n-paste designs that allowed them to work on composition, experimental typography (+ ‘the copy machine as creative tool’.)