Book Jacket Design

Contemporary Art About Architecture, published by Ashgate Press, UK.

Book Covers & Interiors for the University of North Carolina Press

This cover design was challenging because of the low quality of the provided  image  (that had  been chosen beforehand). The editors chose this image because in it Carter wears a cardigan sweater which alluded to the book’s discussion of his economic policies. Carter suggested to Americans during the mid-70s fuel crisis that to save energy we should lower temperature in our homes and in turn, wear more layers.

We were provided with a low quality, noisy print with little contrast, especially in the area of Carter’s feet/legs against the fireplace. Additionally, once I cropped closer in to his face, it appeared as though the President was being shot in the head by a ‘missile’ from the mantel on the left.

Typographic Specifications

On the right is the first of the five pages that detailed the complete typographic specifications for the book Winning Women’s Votes that was provided to the typesetter. (I honestly think it would have taken less time to set the entire book myself!)